La Terminal for Vision Pro

We rebuilt La Terminal from the ground up to provide a first-class spatial computing experience for command-line hackers on Vision Pro.

We are incredibly proud to share that La Terminal has been available in the App Store as a day-one app for Vision Pro. After getting our own spatial computing devices, we made a few tweaks and quickly updated the app for an official launch on Product Hunt last week.

La Terminal showing a few terminals in Vision Pro
The future we were promised

While some app developers may not have been ready to welcome the era of spatial computing, and others dared only to dip their toes into the future by shipping their existing iPad apps as-is on visionOS, we decided to dive headfirst into this brave new world with a complete overhaul of La Terminal for Vision Pro to give command-line hackers the immersive cyberpunk experience we always dreamed of.  

La Terminal showing a terminal session, resource monitor, and network monitor in Vision Pro
Amaze your friends with your impressive Midnight Commander skills - now in 3D!

If you’ve already embraced your spatial computing future and you’re ready to bring your command-line hacking into the third dimension, hit the App Store and download La Terminal.

If you haven’t yet secured your own device, you can check out this video:

Welcome to the Spatial

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Guenter Gibbon