El Comandante: Leading your files to victory

El Comandante: Leading your files to victory

We are thrilled to announce the release of La Terminal 1.4 - our most impressive update yet!

Packed with new features and important improvements, this version caters to the needs of all La Terminal users. These features are so bold in nature, that we updated our icon to accentuate the boldness and capabilities of this release.

We are also excited to introduce our new subscription service, La Terminal Pro, which brings support for several of our most highly requested features.

Introducing La Terminal Pro

An upgrade option for anyone who regularly uses SSH or SFTP, La Terminal Pro delivers top requested features that are available for the first time today, including:

  • El Comandante: A full-featured, native SFTP File Manager
  • SSH Agent Forwarding
  • New Live Background Shaders, and
  • Unlimited AI Assistance

El Comandante: Revolutionary File Management

This release introduces El Comandante — a fully-native remote file browser that revolutionizes how you navigate remote filesystems. Accessible by tapping “File Browser” in the “…” menu on any active session, El Comandante offers a visually intuitive way to explore files on any configured host that support SFTP.

An iPad showing a two-pane view of La Terminal's file browser listing directories on two remote servers
El Comandante: A revolutionary File Manager

Additionally, La Terminal Pro subscribers can take advantage our complete SFTP File Manager to upload and download files through the file browser. Files can be uploaded or downloaded to the Local device to be accessed through the native iOS Files App or can be copied between remote hosts.

La Terminal offers a two-pane view for file management, convenient for organizing files, or comparing directory structures. On iPad, these panes are presented side-by-side. On iPhone, you can select which pane to view with the pane selector at the top of the screen.

By default, your local iOS file system will be displayed on the right-hand pane. Local storage starts empty, but you can download files to this directory on your device or use it as a staging area for file operations. The contents of the local storage can be accessed from the Files app in the “LaTerminal” folder under “On My iPad” or “On My iPhone”.

La Terminal’s SFTP Manager scales for larger directories - we’ve tested with up to 30,000 files, bringing SFTP webscale to the palm of your hand.

SSH Agent Forwarding

La Terminal Pro now features support for SSH Agent Forwarding (officially, "El Agente Seguro")

SSH Agent Forwarding allows you to hop seamlessly from one remote host to another without having to constantly re-enter your credentials.

Set SSH Agent to Prompt to monitor when your SSH keys are being accessed

Using SSH Agent Forwarding makes it easy to SSH between hosts while keeping your private keys private. For extra security, you can set SSH Agent to “Prompt” to have La Terminal prompt you when La Terminal receives a request to authenticate with your keys.

Unified Theme Selector and Live Backgrounds

This release features a new unified theme selector that makes it easy to preview color palette and background selections from either the Settings screen or individual host configurations.

La Terminal's new theme previewer with one of the new live backgrounds selected
Preview themes and enjoy new live backgrounds

La Terminal Pro subscribers can choose from our complete library of GPU-accelerated Live Backgrounds to fully customize the command-line experience.

New Monospaced font - Intel Mono

An expressive monospaced font family that’s built with clarity, legibility, and the needs of developers in mind, Intel Mono is easier to read, and available for free, with an open-source font license.

Intel Mono character set
New font: Intel Mono

Import SSH Keys

We've made it easy to get started using La Terminal by simplifying the process of importing SSH keys. When connected to any host, navigate to Settings in the “…” menu and tap on "Import SSH Keys" and La Terminal will guide you through selecting keys to import into your La Terminal keychain, streamlining the process of authenticating with your existing SSH keys.

Available Today

Experience the power and convenience of La Terminal and take your SSH experience on iPhone and iPad to new heights. Download La Terminal from the App Store today.

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